Donating to the Clinic
The clinic goes through many supplies through the year while taking care of our many students. If you are interested making donations to the clinic, here are a few helpful suggestions of frequently used items:
  • 5 oz paper cups
  • tissues
  • baby wipes, preferably unscented non-latex
  • bandaids, latex-free (preferably 1x3-inch or extra large)
  • non-latex gloves (preferably medium)
  • ziplock bags of any size
  • peppermints 
  • saltine crackers
  • boys/girls clothing (shorts/pants, preferred with elastic waste)-sizing for 4T-12 years old, new or gently used
  • boys/girls socks/underwear- sizing for 4T-12 years old, new 

Donations to the clinic are always appreciated. Items donated which are no longer needed in the clinic will be donated elsewhere. Please contact your school nurse for any other needs specific to your student's campus.