Safety Patrol

The purpose of the Colleyville Elementary Safety Patrol, made up of fifth-grade volunteers, is to help provide a safe environment during the time before and after school. Members of the Safety Patrol must have parental permission to participate and keep a satisfactory grade in conduct. The Safety Patrol schedule is posted in the classrooms for each rotation. Students typically serve for two weeks at a time. During their off-duty time, they are often asked to substitute for a student who is unable to fulfill his/her responsibilities because of illness or appointments.

The Safety Patrol is a great asset to Colleyville Elementary. To help them with their responsibilities please follow the following requests:

  • Use the northwest entrance to use the drop-off and pick-up area.
  • All students (with the exception of bus riders) are expected to enter the front doors of the building.
  • Traffic to student drop-off and pick-up areas is one way. It is also single file. Stop on your right.
  • We insist that students remain under our supervision until your car is at the pick-up area. Please pull completely up to the drop-off/pick-up area. This will help to speed up the pick-up process. Safety Patrol members will walk all young students to their cars. We understand that you are in a hurry, but please be patient! Remember, the safety of children is our highest priority!
  • Do not pick up children in the Bus Loop until all buses have departed. Do not block the entrance to the Bus Loop when parking or waiting for students at dismissal.
  • Do not leave your car unattended in the drive through areas to go find your child. We will locate your student(s) and get him/her to your car as quickly as possible.
For questions, please contact:

Cindy Pearson