Preventing Bug Bites:

So what's bugging you?  Mosquitos? Ticks? 

Mosquitoes can carry and spread multiple diseases to humans.  These illnesses can include West Nile, Zika, and many other viruses. 

Ticks also cause a number of tick-borne illnesses.  These can include Colorado tick fever, lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever and many others. 

How do we protect ourselves and our loved ones?

cover exposed skin whenever possible

use insect repellants, if age appropriate and as directed-repellant can be applied prior to arrival at school for prevention of bites during outdoor play.

Also, clean out areas with standing water to help prevent mosquitos from being able increase in numbers in your area, look over your skin and clothing and check for ticks after being outdoors, and avoid bugs in your house by using airconditioning whenever possible and making sure windows and screens have no large gaps for pests to get into.  You can also protect your infants by using mosquito netting over car seats and carriers while outdoors.