Colleyville Elementary School

ABSENCES: Please call the school to inform us of your child's absence and send an email or written explanation upon the child's return to school.

BUS SERVICE: Bus service for grades K through 5 is available to those students who live two miles or more from school and/or east of Colleyville Blvd. A schedule of bus numbers and times is available on the GCISD website at; departments;transportation fleet. Our GCISD Transportation Department may be reached at 817-251-5590.

Please do not drop your child off at school before 7:25. We can no longer allow students in the building before this time, unless they arrive on the bus. Bus riders will wait, socially distanced, in the cafeteria until 7:25. At 7:25, the front and back doors will unlock and students are permitted to go straight to their classrooms.

DOCTOR/DENTIST APPOINTMENT: In the event a doctor or dentist appointment must be scheduled during the day, a parent must come to the school office and sign the student out. Upon return, even if it is the next day, please have the student bring a note from the doctor/dentist to the office. 

 Students at Colleyville Elementary may wear shorts, but shorts must extend at least to the mid-thigh and allow students to stand, sit, and bend with modesty. Clothing which advertises alcoholic beverages and tobacco products is not permitted. Tank tops and "wheelies" are also not permitted. Caps/hats may not be worn in the school. Please refer to the GCISD Student Handbook for a more detailed description of the GCISD Dress Code. If students are ever in doubt about the appropriateness of any attire, it is best for them to check with the teacher or the office before it is worn. Tennis shoes are required for PE.

FORGET ME NOT TABLE: If your child forgets something at home and you bring it up to school, you will be asked to make sure there is a name on it and will leave it in the grade level bin in the front vestibule of the school. We will periodically collect those items and send them to the classrooms.

MASKS: Please send your child with a clean mask EVERYDAY. The school has a few disposable masks for extenuating circumstances. If you need assistance with providing a mask for your student(s), please contact our school counselor Katie Segreti.

MEDICINES: If your child must receive medicine at school, there are special procedures to be followed. Please refer to the GCISD Student Handbook or call the school nurse for help.

VISITORS: At this time, we are only permitted to let visitors into the building for very specific reasons. As much as we appreciate the help and support, we are not yet to the point of the pandemic to allow assistance in the classrooms or with the students. 

PLEASE NOTE: Pets are not allowed anywhere on campus due to students with severe allergies.