Choose Your Challenge

Challenge 1:

Book Challenge*

Read 25 books of your choosing (minimum 100 pages per book)


Read 100 books of your choosing (an option for K-2 students only)

Challenge 2:

Page Challenge*

Watch your pages add up as you read (1500 for K-2, 2500 for 3-5th, 5000 for 6-12th)

Challenge 3:

Genre Challenge*

Explore a wide variety of genres - 3 biography/autobiography, 3 non-fiction/informational (any topic/form), 3 fantasy, 3 poetry, 3 mystery, 3 historical fiction, 3 fiction (any topic/form), 4 free choice

*As part of our new eBook initiative in the GCISD Learning Commons, students meeting any of the challenges (1, 2, and 3) must read at least 2 of their books as eBooks!

Choices, Choices, Choices!

This year, students will have three challenge levels from which to choose. Students may read to complete one challenge or all three!

Click HERE to complete the form when your challenge/s have been completed!

Students wishing to read on audiobooks are welcome to do this for the Book Challenge as well.